Week of June 6, 2016

Parliament Update – Week of June 6, 2016

This week in Parliament, we largely debated the budget. We also covered topics including charitable donations, impaired driving, ISIS, and the national anthem

The following was debated:

  • Bill C-15 – Budget Implementation Act, 2016, No. 1 (Report Stage and Third Reading).
  • Motion No. 40 – Abandoned Vessels (First Debate).
  • Bill C-239 –Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act (Second Reading).
  • Bill C-233 – National Strategy for Alzheimer’s disease and Other Dementias Act (Second Reading).
  • Bill C-226 – Impaired Driving Act (Second Debate).
  • Conservative Motion – calling on the House to strongly condemn atrocities committed by ISIS and declare that these crimes constitute genocide.
  • Bill C-210 – An Act to amend the National Anthem Act (Third Reading)

I had the opportunity to participate in the debate of MP Ted Falk’s Private Member’s Bill (C-239). This bill was a great initiative that would have allowed registered charities to provide donors with the same generous donation receipts that politicians can issue. However, I am extremely disappointed that the majority of Liberal and New Democrat Members voted to keep their preferential tax treatment of political donations. You can read my comments on page77 of the following document: http://www.parl.gc.ca/content/hoc/House/421/Debates/067/HAN067-E.PDF

This week in the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, we reviewed the Federal Sustainable Development Act and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.  For more information on committee meetings, visit:  http://www.parl.gc.ca/Committees/en/ENVI

Throughout the week, I attended twelve meetings and 5 events. Though the House will be sitting next week, I will be back in the riding this weekend to attend events. Look for my update next Friday on the happenings of Parliament.

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