Week of May 13, 2019

Parliament Update – Week of May 13, 2019

The following was debated in the House:

  • C-98 (Second Reading) — An Act to amend the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act and the Canada Border Services Agency Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
  • C-266 (Second Reading) — Respecting Families of Murdered and Brutalized Persons Act
  • C-421 (Second Reading) — An Act to amend the Citizenship Act (adequate knowledge of French in Quebec)
  • C-447 (First Reading)An Act to amend the Criminal Code (aggravating circumstance — evacuation order or emergency)
  • C-448 (First Reading) — Excise Tax Act
  • C-449 (First Reading) — Old Age Security Act
  • C-450 (First Reading) — Canada Health Act
  • C-451 (First Reading) — Children’s Health Commissioner of Canada Act
  • S-6 (Third Reading) — Canada–Madagascar Tax Convention Implementation Act, 2018
  • S-243 (Second Reading) — Fairness for All Canadian Taxpayers Act
  • S-248 (second reading) — National Physicians’ Day
  • NDP Opposition Motion — Declaration of an environment and climate emergency
  • Government Business No. 29 (amendment) — National climate emergency

On Monday, in the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU), we heard from witnesses on the Annual Report of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians and later, witnesses briefed us on the 2018 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada.

On Tuesday, I presented a petition requesting that the third day in May of each year be designated as Vyshyvanka Day throughout Canada.  Later that day, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole to study the Main Estimates for the Department of Justice with Minister Lametti.

You can read comments and questions from Debates on the House Publications page at www.ourcommons.ca/en

On Wednesday, in the SECU Committee, we heard from witnesses on the Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector as a National Economic Security Issue.  Later that day, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole to study the Estimates for the Department of National Defence with Minister Sajjan.

For more information on these meetings, visit the SECU Committee website at: www.ourcommons.ca/Committees/en/SECU

On Thursday, with some of my Conservative colleagues, we met with Mayor Shaigec, Deputy Mayor Phillis Kobasiuk and CAO Mike Heck from Parkland County who were in Ottawa to discuss the report from the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities and the findings as they relate to their community.  We also discussed infrastructure, trade corridors, Parkland Airport and rail safety.  Later that afternoon, I met with Mayor Shaigec and a CN representative to discuss the CN Rail project in Carvel.  Thursday evening, I flew back to the riding as the House will be down next week.

On Friday, I will be in the south-east part of the riding and will be attending the Big Horn Rodeo Parade on Saturday, and hopefully later that day, if time permits, be able to make it to the Thorsby Parade.

This week, I attended nine meetings, four events and did two recordings.  During my week in the riding I will be attending meetings and events.

Look for my update next Friday on my travels throughout the riding.

Happy Victoria Day!

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