Week of October 29, 2018

Parliament Update – Week of October 29, 2018

The following was debated in the House:

• Bill C-76 – Elections Modernization Act (Third Reading)
• Bill C-84 – Criminal Code (bestiality and animal fighting) (Second Reading)
• Bill C-85 – Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Second Reading)
• Bill C-86 – Budget Implementation Act 2018, No. 2 (Second Reading)
• Bill C-375 – Criminal Code (Presentence Report (Third Reading)
• Bill C-376 – Sikh Heritage Month Act (Third Reading)
• Bill C-417 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (disclosure of information by  jurors) (First Reading)
• Bill C-418 – Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act (First Reading)
• Bill C-419 – Credit Card Fairness Act (First Reading)
• Bill C-420 – Canada Labour Code (First Reading)
• Bill C-421 – Citizenship Act (First Reading)
• M-151 – National Strategy to Combat Plastic Pollution
• M-192 – Instruction to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (episodic disabilities) (Second Reading)
• S-203 – Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins (First Reading)
• S-240 – Criminal Code (Trafficking in Human Organs) (First Reading)

On Monday, I presented a petition calling on the Prime Minister to defend freedom of conscience, thought, and belief by withdrawing the attestation requirement for applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

Also on Monday, I had the opportunity to ask questions during debate on Bill C-85, which modernizes the text of the Act and brings it into conformity with Canada’s obligations. You can read all questions, comments, and speeches in the House on the corresponding day’s Hansard at www.ourcommons.ca/en.

In the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU), we continued the study on M-167, which deals with rural crime. For more information on these meetings, visit: www.ourcommons.ca/Committees/en/SECU.

This week, I attended 14 meetings and two events. I will remain in Ottawa over the weekend to attend a meeting regarding the proposed firearms ban. Look for my update next Friday on the happenings of Parliament.

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