Speech from the Throne – December 14, 2015

Speech from the Throne

December 14, 2015

OTTAWA:   The Throne Speech delivered on December 4th to Parliament by Governor General David Johnston on behalf of the Liberal government, in my view, raised many questions about the eventual cost to Canadian taxpayers.  How are the Liberals going to pay for all of the commitments they put forward in their Throne Speech?  The document contained no details.  It was merely a rehash of all the Liberal promises made during the election campaign. 

The family farm is the foundation of the Canada we love.  Products have evolved and technology has advanced, but one thing remains constant:  Canadian farmers do the backbreaking work that feeds this country.  Not one mention of farmers or agriculture was found.

No mention of the auto or energy sector either.  No mention of the private sector.  Albertans are suffering!  No mention was given about jobs.  No economic focus was given. 

Yes, the Throne Speech was short on detail but it was long on spending commitments.  Some of the larger commitments included a new health accord, infrastructure investments and military procurement – all expensive.  This can only be paid for with higher taxes for all of us and a higher debt burden for our young people to pay off.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer said that our Government left the Liberals with a surplus.  What the Liberals have done is put us back into debt by ratcheting up spending for the rest of this year. 

With all the spending commitments and massive deficits and debt they are planning to rack up, how big will yearly deficits go to keep up with the Liberals’ spending?  And, by how much will they be raising taxes to pay for all their new spending?  Albertans are suffering! We don’t need higher taxes.  We need jobs.

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