Marijuana – July 18, 2016


July 18, 2016

The Liberals have created a task force to study the legalization of marijuana.  Within five months this task force will have to assess the potential legal, financial, moral and medical ramifications of legalizing the drug.

At the recent Conservative Policy Convention, we passed a resolution stating, “…in order to expand the means which law enforcement authorities have at their disposal to combat drugs and their negative impacts, particularly among young people, and to reduce the volume of judicial proceedings, we recommend that peace officers be enabled to issue tickets for simple possession of small quantities of marijuana.”

Our policy resolution is in line with recommendations from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police on the marijuana file. They support providing front-line officers the ability to ticket individuals found with 30 grams of marijuana or less. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police do not recommend the legalization of marijuana.

As a former RCMP officer, I have serious concerns about a number of issues regarding the Liberal’s promise to legalize marijuana. How are the Liberals going to address the current proliferation of illegal, unregulated marijuana dispensaries (in Vancouver, there are currently more illegal marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks locations)? How will they address the public safety issue of people driving and operating heavy equipment while high, or ensure that marijuana is kept out of the hands of children? Will they balance our international obligations regarding the legality of marijuana?

I do not have confidence in the Liberals to put forward a plan to legalize marijuana that will adequately address all of these serious concerns.  Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have made a complete mess of the marijuana issue by their failure to provide any policy coherence whatsoever.

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