Electoral Reform — You Should Decide – August 25, 2016

Electoral Reform — You Should Decide

August 25, 2016

I recently mailed out my householder regarding electoral reform and the need for a referendum. I have received several queries requesting clarification on what the Liberal Government’s proposed changes are, and exactly how they intend to reform our electoral system.

However, this is exactly the problem. The Liberal Government has stated they will change our electoral system, but they have failed to tell Canadians how they will change it. Instead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed a group of 12 politicians who alone will get to decide how they, and all Members of Parliament, will be elected.

The Liberal Government has claimed their 2015 election victory gives them a mandate to change the voting system in whatever way they want. Yet, they still haven’t told Canadians what system they want to implement.

So what have they said?  They have said that they do not think they need to give Canadians the final say through a national referendum. I believe Canadians should decide, not politicians. A national referendum should be held on the final proposal that the government will make to change our voting system.

As your Member of Parliament, I want to know what you think. I encourage all constituents to fill out the survey in my householder and mail it, postage free, to my Ottawa office. Let me know if you think the Liberal Government should hold a referendum to get the approval of Canadians before changing how we elect our politicians.

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