Federal Liberal Debt – February 19, 2016

Federal Liberal Debt

February 19, 2016

During the federal election, the Liberals suggested that they would take a balanced Conservative budget and transform it into a $10 billion deficit. Now, a new report by the National Bank of Canada states that the Liberal government could indeed see an accumulation of $90 billion in debt over the next 4 years due to their spending promises.

While the government cannot control the uncertainty in the global economy, it can control its actions during these challenging times. As Canadian families are worried about their jobs and financial security, now is not the time for out of control spending that will lead to waste and higher taxes. Governments need to remember that the money they collect belongs to hard working taxpayers and not to politicians or bureaucrats.

The new Liberal Government seems to be focusing on out of control spending rather than prudent financial management of our national economy.

I will work with the new government in the best interests of Canadians and our riding. Being fiscally responsible in this time of global uncertainty is in the best interest of the constituents in Yellowhead and I will deliver that message loud and clear to the Liberal Government in Ottawa

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