150th Birthday Proposal For Canada’s North – January 29, 2016


January 29, 2016

OTTAWA – On January 26th, 2016, Jim Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, along with MPs John Barlow, (Macleod) and Todd Doherty, (Cariboo-Prince George), met with representatives from Rocky Mountain House Airshow Society.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the airshow’s ‘2017 Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour’ proposal for Canada’s 150th Birthday! 

On January 29th Mr. Eglinski made the following statement in the House of Commons:

Mr. Speaker, as we count down Canada’s 150th birthday, I want to share an exciting proposal from Canada’s internationally-acclaimed air show performers. I want to encourage members in the House to get involved.

My local Rocky Mountain House Airshow Society is proposing a 2017 Canadian Arctic aviation tour. This air show will completely criss-cross Canada’s north, encompassing 41 air shows, and 47 community fly-bys, covering a total of 16,000 nautical miles, equivalent to three-quarters of the way around the world!  This will not only set a world record but put Canada’s north on the map.

This will be an opportunity for our northern communities to have an air show in their communities for the first time—a performance they will never forget.

Importantly, our sovereignty, and our great and vast northern regions, will be shared by Canadians as we celebrate Canada’s 150 Birthday.”



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