Canadian Citizenship Act — Bill C-6 – March 1, 2016

Canadian Citizenship Act – Bill C-6

March 01, 2016

Liberal Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees, the Honourable John McCallum, tabled Bill C-6, an ‘Act to Amend the Citizenship Act and make consequential amendments to another Act.’  This Bill, introduced on February 25th, is extremely worrying. 

I am deeply concerned that the Liberals’ first priority when it comes to immigration and public safety legislation is to give back the citizenship, and protect the rights of a committed member of the Toronto 18, Zakaria Amara. He, and future people convicted of terrorism, are clearly the biggest beneficiaries of this Liberal announcement.

Why is it that one’s citizenship can be revoked for fraud but not for committing a terrorist act?  This, in my view, is an unacceptable double standard.

Internationally, France’s political elite is currently involved in a heated debate over whether to revoke the French citizenship of convicted terrorists with dual nationality, while the U.K. has stripped almost 40 people of British citizenship in the last half-dozen years, including some born in the country.

I believe Canadians deserve to be protected from acts of terror, and dual citizens who commit these barbaric crimes — terrorism, espionage, treason and taking up arms against members of the Canadian Armed Forces —should not enjoy the many privileges and benefits that come with Canadian citizenship.

As I do with all legislation that passes through Parliament, I will examine the bill. However, like you, I am extremely concerned by these changes.



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