Private Members’ Bill C-246 (Animal Protection) – March 10, 2016

Private Members’ Bill C-246

March 10, 2016

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith tabled Bill C-246, ‘An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Fisheries Act, the Textile Labelling Act, the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act and the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (animal protection).’

I believe in the importance of the humane treatment of animals. However, this bill goes far beyond what could be considered a reasonable strengthening of animal protection laws. The implications of this bill are significant to many Canadians, including farmers, ranchers, anglers, and hunters.  If passed, this bill could also have significant effects on Canada’s economy and impact the way of life of millions of Canadians.

Bill C-246 appears to criminalize the following activities:

  • A person waiting too long to put their animal down (in someone else’s opinion) [182.2 (1)(a)]
  •  Any animal being killed by a human for any reason – “brutally or viciously, regardless of whether the animal dies immediately” appears to apply to all methods of killing an animal other than veterinarian chemical cocktails.  This has implications for hunting, fishing, trapping and possibly livestock production. [182.2 (1)(b)]
  • Accidental poisoning is not explicitly excluded, so failure to attend to a leak or spill of a toxic substance such as antifreeze could be a criminal act [182.2 (1)(d)]
  • Training a dog to protect livestock or humans from predators. [182.2 (1)(e)
  •  Accidentally killing an animal with a vehicle if the driver was negligent in some way [182.3 (1)(a) and (c)]

This bill is fundamentally flawed and dangerous. I intend to review it carefully and ensure that the implications do not endanger the farmers, hunters and meat producers within the riding.

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