Palliative Care in Canada – June 23, 2016


June 23, 2016

All Canadians should have access to high quality palliative care.  Bill C-277, ‘An Act Providing for the Development of a Framework on Palliative Care in Canada’ was introduced by my Conservative colleague, MP Marilyn Gladu, in the House on May 30thWith the recent assisted dying legislation, Canadians now need palliative care more than ever to offer them a viable choice for their end of life care.  This  Bill will do just that.  C-277, when passed, will close the Palliative Care Gap in Canada.

Bill C-277 is recognized by various healthcare and stakeholder groups as being an urgent and important piece of legislation.  It will directly help implement a framework for palliative care in Canada, including the definition of services included; required training; and most importantly, measures to ensure consistent access to palliative care across the Country. This bill recommends evaluating the advisability of amending the Canada Health Act to include palliative care as a covered service.

During the previous session of parliament, the ‘All-Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care’ brought forward numerous recommendations that are now captured in this Bill.

I strongly believe that having access to quality palliative care would enable one to choose to live as well as they can, for as long as they can.

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