Why Is The Federal Government Punishing Small Businesses? – December 7, 2016

Why Is The Federal Government Punishing Small Businesses?

December 7, 2016

Every summer Canadians enjoy the outdoors using the many services provided by campgrounds across the country. Unfortunately, the Liberals are showing total disregard by ending the review of ‘active’ versus ‘passive’ business-income rules that would have allowed small businesses like campgrounds to access the small business tax rate.

The Liberals are unfairly targeting campground owners and other small operations by saying that they are too small to be classified as a ‘small business’.  Campground owners, they say, don’t have enough full-time employees to qualify.  They are doing this because they think that owning a campground is ‘passive,’ not ‘active’.   What the Trudeau Government is actually saying is that campground owners don’t have to work to maintain their property.

I beg to differ.  Campground owners wear many hats.  They are landscapers, janitors, accountants and security guards, making sure they provide a safe, clean and fun atmosphere for your family to explore the outdoors.

Our Yellowhead riding is known world-wide for our natural beauty.  People from all over the world visit our riding to experience the unique landscape we have to offer.  Our campgrounds provide a way to interact with nature on a personal level.

Tourism is a major industry in our region.  If tourism accounts for 4.3% of Alberta’s economy, then why does this Federal Government want to raise taxes on campgrounds, a driving force of this industry?  This will severely harm campground owners.

There are many small businesses, small family businesses, as well as mom-and-pop operations that are also being unjustly punished by the Liberals.  Is this tax hike on campgrounds just a sign of what is to come for other small businesses?

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