Another Federal Liberal Tax? – January 31, 2017

Another Federal Liberal Tax?

January 31, 2017

Hundreds of constituents have emailed me worried that the Federal Liberal Government is going to be taxing employer-provided health and dental plans.  Should the Liberals proceed with these changes in their 2017 Budget, Canadian workers who get these benefits will end up paying more per year in taxes and many will lose them entirely.

The Liberals have already raised taxes on energy and payrolls.  They cut tax credits for:  children’s arts and fitness, education and textbooks, and eliminated the hiring tax credit.  Now they want to tax Canadians for their health care too!

If the Liberals make these changes in Budget 2017, this move would put more pressure on the public health care system.

It is time for the Minister of Finance to let all Canadians know if he will be proceeding with this tax grab in which I believe is only the Liberal’s way of curbing their reckless spending and mounting deficits.  I beg to ask, does the Liberal Government really care about the working Canadian or just looking out for themselves?

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