Budget 2017, Fails Our Canadian Armed Forces – April 3, 2017

Budget 2017, Fails Our Canadian Armed Forces

April 3, 2017

National defence is clearly not a priority for this Liberal government. For the second year in a row, the budget contained nothing for our men and women in uniform. Instead, the Liberals cut $8.48 billion, which had been earmarked for military equipment purchases. Coupled with last year’s cuts, the Department of National Defence now faces a $12 billion shortfall.

Canada needs the ability to defend itself and our allies. Recent examples, including the Liberals’ decision to pull our CF-18s out of the fight against ISIS, their preference for fourth generation fighter jets, their lack of increased support for our Ukrainian allies, and their failure to advance important procurement projects, all suggest that the current Prime Minister expects other countries to do the heavy lifting.

Instead of ensuring that our men and women in uniform have the best equipment, training, and support available, it’s looking more and more likely that Canada’s military will be scaled back and asked to do more with less.

I will continue to fight for the resources that our Canadian Armed Forces deserve.

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