Investments in Alberta Agriculture – September 18, 2017

Investments in Alberta Agriculture

September 18, 2017

OTTAWA:  MP Eglinski is pleased to advise constituents that the Government of Canada is investing $4.4 million to help farmers stay on the cutting edge of innovation, expand markets and manage their business risk.

“As many Alberta farmers are in the midst of an early harvest, this is welcomed news in our riding of Yellowhead,” stated MP Eglinski. “However, the Liberal Government should be doing more for our farmers. Their proposed small business tax would negatively impact farmers and undue any benefits generated by this new funding.”

As part of this funding, Ottawa committed $2.2 million to new projects to support the cattle industry in Alberta and across the country.

Projects include:

  • $839,485 for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to explore the use of remote sensing as a tool to insure forage crops.
  • $901,240 to help the Alberta Beef Producers develop satellite data to help improve forage insurance.
  • $255,000 to help the Canadian Angus Association develop tools that will improve better breeding cattle.
  • $205,500 for the National Cattle Feeders Association to develop and implement a national feedlot animal care assessment program.

The remaining funds, just over $2.2 million, will support a number of innovative projects that will help market development, emergency planning, competitive pricing, animal care assessments and farm software development.

“Farmers are key contributors in our communities. I am pleased to see the government investing in this important sector,” concluded MP Eglinski.

For more information on investments by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, visit:

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