MP Jim Eglinski Questions NDP Member During Debate on Bill C-36 – February 7, 2017

MP Jim Eglinski Questions NDP Member During Debate on Bill C-36

February 7, 2017

OTTAWA: On February 7th, Jim Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, during debate on C-36, ‘An Act to Amend the Statistics Act’, asked NDP Member, Erin Weir, the following:

“Mr. Speaker, it is my understanding that the new Canadian statistics advisory council will be appointed through Governor in Council appointments. At this point, it is unclear what the application process will look like. My concern is that this is another opportunity for the government to appoint its buddies. Does the member opposite also share these concerns?”

The Member from Regina-Lewvan, replied:

“Mr. Speaker, indeed I do share those concerns.  Statistics Canada had a long-standing advisory board that was much larger and represented virtually every sector of society and every region of the country. Of course there are many benefits to that. In an effort to be as charitable as possible to the government, the idea may be that having a smaller body can be a more effective decision making group, rather than a large body of appointees where it almost becomes an honorific. The devil here is in the details, and we need to know that the government will actually appoint well-qualified, independent people. Therefore, I think there is every reason to be suspicious that may not happen, and is a reason for us, as opposition MPs, to keep a careful watch on those appointments and that process.”

“Though our Conservative Party supports Bill C-36, at Second Reading, we are still concerned with the aspects of this Bill and we will be proposing amendments once the Bill is forwarded to committee for further study”, concluded MP Eglinski.

For more information:  Jim Eglinski, MP (613) 992-1653

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