Shenanigans in Finance Committee – March 8, 2017

Shenanigans in Finance Committee

March 8, 2017 

On March 7th, in Ottawa at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Conservative MP Ron Liepert, asked to undertake a study into Alberta’s economy and current unemployment levels.

The committee has no agenda scheduled for any meetings in March as the Government has not presented any agenda items to study. This was a great opportunity for Albertans to have their voices heard by Government. However, despite more than an hour of presentations by Conservative members of the committee as to the merits of such a study, the Liberals used their majority to defeat the motion.

I am disappointed in this decision.  Conservative MP’s believe they were elected to do work on behalf of those who elected them. It seems like Government Liberal MPs would rather the committee meet about nothing for the rest of the month or cancel all meetings than actually study what is the number one concern for many Albertans.

In my October householder, 33% of Yellowhead’s constituents identified unemployment as their number one priority and 48% identified the impact of the carbon tax on the economy as their top priority.

While Liberal MPs voted not to undertake a study, Conservative members succeeded to have 2.5 hours of debate take place on the job crisis in Alberta.

Rest assured, we will not let this issue die.

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