Sign Petition E-910 – End the Carbon Tax Cover-Up – March 2, 2017

Sign Petition E-910 – End the Carbon Tax Cover-Up

March 2, 2017

Conservatives have been fighting for taxpayers ever since the government announced its carbon tax. We’ve been pressing the government for answers on how the Liberal carbon tax will impact low-income Canadians, seniors, youth, and the middle class.  Yet, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have decided to impose a carbon tax on every Canadian, family, and business in Canada – and now they’re covering up how much it will cost us.

At first, the Liberals said they didn’t have the answers. More recently, heavily censored Finance Canada memos show the government does have answers, but they’re covering them up. This has now become known as the “carbon tax cover-up.”

Justin Trudeau has promised repeatedly to be transparent with Canadians, and it will be Canadians who have to pay the bill for his carbon tax.

In fact, research shows that low-income Canadians will have the hardest time paying a carbon tax, as this new tax makes the cost of necessities, like home heating, food, and fuel more expensive.

Families, businesses, and all Canadians deserve to know how much this new tax will cost them.

Conservatives are going to keep demanding answers on behalf of taxpayers. We’re fighting Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes, including the carbon tax, on a daily basis. I encourage everyone to sign petition e-910 at  and demand an end to the carbon tax cover-up.

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