What Does The 2017 Federal Liberal Budget Say to Seniors? – April 3, 2017

What Does The 2017 Federal Liberal Budget Say to Seniors?

April 3, 2017 

For the first time, the number of seniors in Canada exceeds the number of youth.  Right now, one in six Canadians is a senior.  In 12 short years, that number will be one in four.  You would think there would be something in the 2017 Budget for our seniors. Disappointingly, there is not!

Instead, Budget 2017 is hiking taxes and making life more expensive for Canadians; it should have introduced tax measures that would have helped make life more affordable for those living on a fixed income.

There are several features in the Budget that will hurt Canadian seniors:

  • Scrapping the Public Transit Tax Credit
  • Eliminating the Family Caregiver Tax Credit
  • The Prime Minister’s refusal to appoint a Minister for Seniors.

I have presented in the House petitions calling for national strategies for seniors and palliative care.  I have also presented a petition calling on the Prime Minister to appoint a Minister of Seniors.

Budget 2017 contained little more than buzzwords and re-packaged ideas. Catch-all policies with the word “senior” stamped on them are not enough to address the very real needs of our aging population. This budget begs the question – why are Canadian seniors being ignored by the Prime Minister?

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