Consultations on Air Passenger Protection Regulations — December 18, 2018

Consultations on Air Passenger Protection Regulations

December 18, 2018

OTTAWA: Jim Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, is pleased to advise that the Canadian Transportation Agency’s proposed air passenger protection regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette Part I for public comment this weekend.

The Transportation Modernization Act mandated the Agency to develop regulations for air travellers that would be clear, consistent, transparent and fair. After months of public and stakeholder consultations, Canadians will have 60 days to comment.

Air passengers who are bumped from overbooked flights or forced to sit through long delays could receive up to $2,400 in compensation — under proposed regulations for the government’s long-promised Passenger Bill of Rights.

Draft regulations, which will apply to all flights to and from Canada, and those within Canada include:

  • Airlines would be required to provide passengers with food, drink and free Wi-Fi after delays of two hours, and accommodation if the delay stretches overnight.
  • Compensation of up to $1,000 for lengthy flight delays and cancellations. This will vary depending on the length of delay and the cause and whether it was in the airline’s control.
  • Compensation of up to $2,400 if a passenger is denied boarding and is delayed reaching their destination because an airline overbooked the flight.

The final regulations will be published in Part II of the Canada Gazette.  Regulations are expected to come into force next summer.

Comments can be submitted to: until February 20, 2019.  For further information on the proposed passenger regulations go to: .



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