Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline — February 13, 2018

Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline

February 13, 2018

Oil is being sold at up to 50% discount to the United States because we do not have anywhere else to sell it. The U.S. sells it back to Canada through New Brunswick refineries at the full market price.

The regulation of interprovincial pipelines falls under federal jurisdiction. The Trans Mountain Pipeline has passed environmental reviews and regulatory hurdles.  It was approved by this federal Liberal Government.

The project is under serious threat as the dispute between British Columbia and Alberta continues to escalate – putting Canadian jobs across the country at risk. British Columbia’s celebrated vineyards and wineries will lose business as Alberta restricts imports, and the deteriorating relationship between the two provinces threatens a deal that would give Alberta access to clean, renewable BC energy.  This cannot continue.

The Trans Mountain expansion is in the national interest.  It will create tens of thousands of jobs, add billions to the economy, and help fund important social programs.

Where is the Prime Minister on this?  He should be championing this federally approved pipeline. Due to a lack of federal leadership, this dispute continues to escalate, putting Canadian jobs across the country at risk.

Although the Minister of Natural Resources claims he will not accept any unusual or unnecessary delays, construction should have started in November 2017. Every day is a delay worth millions of dollars. Every day is a delay for thousands of jobs.

Last week, Conservatives requested an emergency debate on the Trans Mountain pipeline project. This request was denied.

On Monday, February 12, our ‘Opposition Day Motion’ called on the Prime Minister to prioritize the construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and use all tools at his disposal to mitigate damage from the current interprovincial trade dispute.  If this motion is adopted, the Liberals will have until noon on February 15th to table their plan in the House.

Conservatives believe that the independent, scientific, evidenced-based decision-making process that the Trans Mountain Expansion project went through clearly showed that the pipeline could be expanded safely.

It is unacceptable that instead of championing the Trans Mountain pipeline project and promoting the benefits that it would bring to communities across Canada, ‎ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to pile on new regulations, creating additional obstacles for Canadian energy projects.

The dispute between Alberta and British Columbia has escalated solely because Justin Trudeau has failed to show leadership and stand up for Canada’s natural resource industry and the jobs that depend on it.

It is time for the Prime Minister to show leadership and take action to resolve this situation before we pay the price in lost jobs and opportunity.

Our Conservative Party will continue to call on the Prime Minister to show leadership and take action to resolve this situation. He must start taking this seriously, return to Canada, and get control of the situation.





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