The Saga Continues on Kinder Morgan`s Pipeline – April 23, 2018

The Saga Continues on Kinder Morgan`s Pipeline

April 23, 2018

Things are not going well for the Trans Mountain expansion project.  It has become polarized and nasty. Each day of delay costs $40 million.  This has contributed to the greatest decline in Canadian energy investment in 70 years – a loss of over $80 billion in investment money and more than 100,000 energy jobs.

The Liberal government has a terrible record when it comes to any pipeline development.  We have seen the death of Energy East.  We have seen Kinder Morgan come and go.  Northern Gateway was approved and now dead.  Petronas LNG is gone.  Major projects under this Prime Minister have seen our oil and gas getting to new world markets cancelled.  Holding on to life support, Trans Mountain is the only pipeline still out there.

The federal Minister of Transport, the Honourable Marc Garneau, stated in the House last week that the Liberal government recognizes that “…the expansion of the Trans Mountain project is in the national interest. This pipeline is going to be built. It is important not only for Alberta, but for Canada as a whole. We understand that, and we are going to move forward.”

He also stated:  “We know that the decision on this pipeline, which will run through two provinces, is federal responsibility. This is recognized not only in the Constitution, but also by the Supreme Court.” Why then has the B.C. government announced it will file a reference case with the B.C. Court of Appeal by April 30th to test whether the province has the constitutional authority to limit imports of diluted bitumen from Alberta?  B.C.’s Environment Minister, George Heyman, admitted that they have known that stopping the Trans Mountain expansion was beyond their jurisdiction.  Then why are they still asking a court what powers they might have?  Maybe to stall the project or a way out for B.C. Premier Horgan to bow out gracefully?  After all, he made it clear that he will accept the court ruling.

Alberta introduced Bill 12, giving them sweeping authority to curtail exports of crude, gasoline and diesel.  Alberta and Saskatchewan are now allies in the fight to overcome B.C.’s opposition to the project. And now, Quebec has entered the fray.  Their Liberal government has thrown its support to B.C.

In 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau cancelled approval of the Northern Gateway line to Kitimat.  Last year, he allowed the proposed Energy East line to Montreal and Saint John to die, after Trans Canada, like Kinder Morgan, warned it was reconsidering the program due to regulatory uncertainty.  Because of Prime Minister Trudeau’s inability to make decisions, he now wants to subsidize the project and use taxpayer dollars to backstop the Trans Mountain pipeline.  How will this regain investor confidence in Canada’s economy?  I am not in favour of using tax dollars for pipeline projects.

With all that is happening, two provinces against and two provinces for the pipeline, I must ask:  with the Liberal government’s inaction to get the pipeline started, how are they going to handle the anti-pipeline protesters?  Mayhem continues around a project that has federal approval.

Prime Minister Trudeau, this is what happens when you fail to act decisively.  So much for leadership.

Our Conservative Party will continue to call on the Prime Minister to show leadership and take action to resolve this situation.

Federal law has paramountcy. This is a federally approved project.  Get the Trans Mountain project built!






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