The ‘Thank you, Rona’ video from the Conservative Convention held in May 2017

The ‘Thank you, Rona’ video from the Conservative Convention held in May 2017.

Thank You RONA!

Rona Ambrose leaves an admirable legacy as a Member of Parliament for 13 years, and as a senior Cabinet Minister in many portfolios. Most recently, she was an exceptional interim leader, building an unquestionably effective Official Opposition team and working tirelessly to grow our party everywhere in Canada. It happens that she is the fourth woman leader of our movement, was the youngest woman ever appointed to Cabinet at the time when she first became a Minister, and now she is the youngest woman Canadian Official Opposition leader ever. No quotas needed. She was elected by MPs for interim leader for the only reason we should all be elected: she was the best person for the job. She did so well as interim leader, that it's really easy to underestimate all the various challenges involved, and what it takes.I admire Rona Ambrose immensely, which is nothing new for me. ‎We first met in class when she was doing her Masters and I was completing the last year of my Combined BA(Hons)‎ at the University of Alberta. She was a role model to me, even then. So many years later, she encouraged me to run in the nomination, and she has supported and lifted me since the election in October 2015. In particular, Rona empowered me to fight for Albertans and for Canadian oil and gas, and she stood beside me, literally, helping me lead the charge against the closure of the Vegreville Immigration Office. She took on both those causes herself personally too, with steadfast dedication and passion. Maybe the most inspiring thing about Rona is she is still fundamentally the same person today that she was in school: disciplined, hard working, honest, smart, selfless, principled, and compassionate. She embodies integrity and professionalism. She is poised and strong in ways to which most of us can only aspire. I supported Stephen Harper when he ran for Leader of the Canadian Alliance, then I supported Rona Ambrose for interim leader, and now I'm proud to have supported Andrew Scheer for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and to be a part of our Conservative team in the future. Looking forward sometimes involves moments of reflection. A few colleagues participated in a tribute video to Rona that was shown at the Leadership Convention on May 27th. I thought ‎I'd share it with you – enjoy!

Posted by Shannon Stubbs on Monday, June 12, 2017


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