Week of Sept 19, 2016

Parliament Update – Week of Sept 19, 2016

This week Parliament reconvened for the fall session.

The following was debated in the House:

  • Bill C-2 – An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (Third Reading)
  • Bill C-4 – An Act to amend the Canada Labour Code, the Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act, the Public Service Labour Relations Act and the Income Tax Act Bill C-5 – An Act to repeal Division 20 of Part 3 of the Economic Action Plan 2015 Act (Second Reading)
  • Bill C-13 – An Act to amend the Food and Drugs Act, the Hazardous Products Act, the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, the Pest Control Products Act and the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and to make related amendments to another Act (Second Reading)
  • Bill S-201 – Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (Second Reading)
  • Opposition Day motion to call on the government to respect the custom of regional representation when making appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Bill C-232 – An Act to amend the Excise Act, 2001 (spirits) (Second Reading)
  • C-234 – An Act to amend the Canada Labour Code (replacement workers) (Second Reading)
  • C-247 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (passive detection device) (Second Reading)

I returned to Ottawa on Thursday, September 22nd after spending the first half of the week travelling in our riding with the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development (ENVI) to obtain feedback on our ‘study of Federal Protected Areas and Conservation Objectives’.  ENVI Committee meetings will reconvene next week. For more information on these meetings, visit: www.parl.gc.ca/Committees/en/ENVI

On Friday, I gave a statement in the House commending Parkland County on the official opening of their newest park, Constable Chelsey Robinson Park. My statement can be found in Friday’s Hansard at http://www.parl.gc.ca/content/hoc/House/421/Debates/080/HAN080-E.PDF

On September 24th, I attended the Ukrainian National Federation’s presentation of ‘Reconstructing Casualties of War:  Canadian Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine’.  The guest speaker, Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn, has dedicated his career to reconstructing deformed and damaged skulls, jaws and faces in patients with acquired or congenital malformations. He traveled to Ukraine for the third time in late October last year to provide specialized post-traumatic reconstructive surgeries that would have been otherwise unavailable to the military and civilians injured in the recent conflict.

Look for my update next Friday on the happenings in Parliament.

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