Week of February 18, 2019

Parliament Update – Week of February 18, 2019

What a short, explosive week! Parliament was a buzz about ex-Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould being able to speak on what transpired regarding SNC-Lavalin. Then the resignation on the 18th of the Prime Minister’s principal secretary, Gerald Butts’. Very interesting!

The following was debated in the House:

• C-77 – An Act to Amend the National Defence Act and to make related and consequential
Amendments to other Acts (Third Reading)
• C-83 – Corrections and Conditional Release Act (Report Stage)
• C- 91 – Indigenous Languages Act (Second Reading and Referred to a Committee)
• C-391 – Aboriginal Cultural Property Repatriation Act (Third Reading)
• C-406 – Canada Elections Act (Second Reading)
• C-429 – Zero Waste Packaging Act (First Reading)
• C-430 – Income Tax Act (First Reading)
• M-194 – Precarious Employment in Canada
• S-6 – Canada-Madagascar Tax Convention Implementation Act, 2018 (Second Reading)
• S-238 — Ban on Shark Fin Importation and Exportation Act (First Reading)
• NDP Opposition Motion – Transparency and Accountability

Monday, being Family Day, the House did not sit. I left the riding that morning and flew back to Ottawa. Upon my arrival, I headed to the office where I caught up on emails, letters, and phone calls.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, hundreds of trucks under the banner of “United We Roll’ arrived in Ottawa to let this Liberal government know that our oil and gas sector is suffering and that pipelines must be built. See my Facebook page video on this at: www.facebook.com/jimeglinski.mp It was an honour to speak at this event and mingle among the participants. Later I wandered down the line of trucks on Wellington Street and met with some of the drivers.

On Wednesday afternoon, in the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU), we continued hearing from witnesses on Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector. For more information on these meetings, visit the SECU Committee website at www.ourcommons.ca/Committees/en/SECU
To my constituents: please put blockers on your computer software program, etc. Our systems are not safe from unwanted intruders.

On Thursday, during debate on S-6, I asked my Conservative colleague to explain to the House the importance of working with other governments from other countries. Later that day, I participated in the debate on C-83. You can read comments and questions from Debates on the House Publications page at www.ourcommons.ca/en

On Friday I was required to be in Ottawa for house duty and other commitments. I have chosen to stay in Ottawa over the week-end.

Look for my update next Friday on the happenings of Parliament.

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