Week of May 23, 2016

Riding Update – Week of May 23, 2016

Parliament was down this week and I had the opportunity to spend time in the riding with constituents and business groups on Monday and Wednesday.  

On Tuesday, I prepared a couple of radio messages in recognition of Environment Week (June 5-11); Senior’s Week (June 6-12); a congratulatory message to all our 2016 high school graduates, and Canada’s upcoming149th birthday (July 1). Later that evening, I was present at the Mayerthorpe Town Council meeting.

The latter part of the week, I attended the ‘Conservative Party of Canada National Convention 2016’ in Vancouver. The convention was open to all members of the party who wished to attend and was a chance for our grassroots to bring forward policy resolutions and amendments.

The candidates running for party leadership also had the opportunity to speak and gain prospective supporters for their campaigns. The vote to select our next party leader will take place in exactly one year.

I look forward to returning to Ottawa, as Parliament will be sitting next week. I will take part in the debate on Bill C-7 (regarding RCMP unionization) on May 30 and on Bill C-10 (regarding Air Canada) on June 1. The historic final vote on physician-assisted dying is also expected to take place early next week. My next update will be on Friday, June 3, informing you of the happenings in Parliament.


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