Week of November 13, 2017

Riding Update – Week of November 13, 2017

It has been a month since I was able to spend a full week in the riding. I was busy attending events, meeting with constituents, and travelling throughout the riding.

Last Saturday, I joined the Drayton Valley Legion for Remembrance Day. I also dropped in at the Evansburg, Wildwood, and Edson Legions in the afternoon and evening.

On Monday afternoon, I drove to Jasper where I attended and spoke at the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce General Meeting on Tuesday.  Later I met with the managers of ‘Folding Mountain Breweries’ in Hinton.

I spent Wednesday morning meeting with constituents in my Edson office.  In the afternoon, I met Miranda Walker, winner of my 2nd annual Christmas Card Design Contest. The grade six student from Hinton submitted a beautiful piece of artwork and I was so pleased to present her with a congratulatory certificate. Later, I participated in a community discussion at the Hinton Chamber of Commerce and that evening met with representatives of the oil and gas industry.

Thursday was spent in my Edson office in various meetings.

On Friday evening, I hosted a community crime awareness meeting in Peers.

Over the weekend, I attended an Electoral District Association (EDA) meeting before heading back to Ottawa.

Parliament will resume on Monday for the next four weeks before taking a break for the holidays. Look for my updates on my time in Canada’s capital.

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