Canada and Our Troops Must Come First – November 24, 2017

Canada and Our Troops Must Come First

November 24, 2017

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced that the Liberal government would offer up to 200 ground troops, transport and attack helicopters, cargo planes and military trainers for future United Nations peacekeeping operations.

The announcement comes more than 14 months after the Trudeau government committed to providing up to 600 troops and 150 police officers for UN operations.

The announcement confirms that this Prime Minister has failed to stand up and advocate for Canadian interests on the world stage. Despite two years of promises, it is clear that he is willing to let the UN decide what our priorities are as Canadians, rather than keeping with our greatest tradition of confronting evil and tyranny in all its forms.

In our 2016 consultations on the Defence Policy Review, we heard from Canadians that the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces deserve stable, predictable, long-term funding, that Canada must take a principled stance on the world stage, work with our allies, and that our defence policy must be focused first and foremost on the defence of Canada.

Instead, the Liberal government quietly rolled out a policy in September that cancels the benefits of injured soldiers. They are focused on slashing defence spending, cozying up to foreign nations with questionable human rights records, and returning to United Nations peacekeeping to fulfill political desires.

This Prime Minister has enjoyed talking about a naïve historical notion of Canadian peacekeeping, but he needs to get serious about explaining why a dangerous mission in sub-Saharan Africa, or anywhere else we allow the UN to send our troops, is in our national interest.

Our troops will be facing the prospect of casualties, as well as the challenge of dealing with terrorists and child soldiers. To date, this Liberal government is unable to answer basic questions about where our troops will be going, and why they will be deployed. It’s time for some transparency about just what this mission will look like and what the risks are.

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