Funding To Protect Local Bats – August 4, 2017

Funding To Protect Local Bats

August 4, 2017

OTTAWA:  Jim Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, is pleased to inform residents that the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada has been approved to receive $30,000 towards a project to protect local bats. The funding is being delivered through the Habitat Stewardship Program Species at Risk Stream, which is administered by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The project will locate critical and important bat habitats to address the threat of a fungal disease called White Nose Syndrome in two species listed as Endangered on the Species at Risk Act – the Little Brown Myotis and the Northern Myotis.

White Nose Syndrome propagates in cool, humid conditions, and grows on bats while they hibernate in caves. It induces them to come out of hibernation, groom, and fly more than they would naturally in the winter, expending the valuable energy that they need to survive and causing massive die-offs.

The project will take place across Alberta where the bats have been documented, including two national parks.  WCS will engage the local caving community to locate bat habitats and refine a database of potential hibernation habitats to serve as the foundation for an action plan to address White Nose Syndrome.

“Though we rarely see them, bats play important roles in our local ecosystem, eating insects and pollinating plants. I am pleased to see investments being made towards the protection of our local wildlife populations,” concluded MP Eglinski.

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