MP Jim Eglinski on the Trans Mountain Pipeline — December 12, 2018

MP Jim Eglinski on the Trans Mountain Pipeline

 December 12, 2018

OTTAWA:  On December 10th in the House of Commons, Jim Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, stated the following:

“Mr. Speaker, a third of the Trans Mountain pipeline runs through the greatest riding in Canada known as Yellowhead.

The people of my riding are hurting because of the Liberals failure to properly deal with the crisis facing Alberta. Thousands are unemployed, and its vital resources are not getting to market.

The Liberals new four and a half billion-dollar pipeline sits in limbo.

Residents of Drayton Valley, one of Yellowhead’s largest communities, held impromptu meetings and a large rally, where over l,000 people joined last week along with national and local media. People voiced their concerns over the lack of action by the federal government and their local NDP government for having deaf ears to the plight and crisis of Albertans.

The Trans Mountain pipeline needs to be built.”


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