The Clock is Ticking – April 9, 2018

The Clock Is Ticking

April 9, 2018

Kinder Morgan suspended all “non-essential” spending on its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion due to opposition from the British Columbia government. The company issued an ultimatum that it will not commit any more money to the $7.4-billion project unless it can get an agreement from the province to stand aside by the end of May.

The regulation of interprovincial pipelines falls under federal jurisdiction. The Trans Mountain Pipeline passed environmental reviews and regulatory hurdles. The federal government approved the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. My question is simple: as the Trans Mountain expansion is in the national interest, will create tens of thousands of jobs, add billions to the economy and help fund important social programs, why hasn’t this Liberal government intervened?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vetoed the approved Northern Gateway, as well as killed the Energy East pipeline with last minute rule changes and a regulatory standard that does not apply to any other sector of the Canadian economy. Now, his inaction to stand by his words to proceed with the pipeline has put the Trans Mountain expansion on hold.

In a press release on April 8, the Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jim Carr, stated: “We will act in Canada’s national interest to see that this project is built… We have the responsibility to ensure the stability and growth of the Canadian economy and to get our resources to market, and British Columbia shares in this responsibility.”

This lack of action by the Federal Liberal Government is unacceptable. This is an economic and constitutional disaster for Canada. A province cannot use underhanded tactics to effectively seize control of the development of this country’s resources.

This is Kinder Morgan’s call for help. Kinder Morgan has issued an ultimatum. Ms. Notley and Mr. Kenney have answered. The question is, will the Trudeau government act or just give more lip service? It is time for this Prime Minister to show leadership and take action. The clock is ticking.


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